Daylight Savings and Cannabis

daylight savings and cannabis
How will you spend your extra hour?

It’s almost time to “Fall Back” and set our clocks back an hour as Daylight Saving time ends. This gives us all that hour that was mercilessly stolen from us in Spring. Studies have shown that the hour people miss when the clocks “Spring Forward” can have wide-ranging effects. This includes increased car accidents, fewer acts of altruism, and even an increase in heart attacks. What are you going to do with your extra hour? Insa believes daylight savings and cannabis go together perfectly. Whether it’s catching up on sleep or getting a chance to invest more time in your favorite hobby, Insa has a companion product to make your plans better.


Many people choose to take that hour back in the fall and invest it in their rest. If this describes you, think about trying one of the following products. 

  • Sleepy Drops – The delicious drops made of Black Cherry puree have 5mg of THC and 3mg of melatonin per drop. 
  • Sleepy Chocolate Bar – Very similar to our Sleepy Drop, but made with decadent imported European chocolate.  
  • Sunshine Daydream, Biscotti Super Fire, Cherry Noir, Purple Punch – All of these varieties have a good amount of linalool, a terpene that is known to be sedating. 
  • Banana Kush Vaporizers – Whether in cartridge or Dart form, this vaporizer is one of the most popular to use before bed. 


Others will take this extra hour to get some work done. If you need a little extra energy boost to finish that lingering project or to catch up on emails, these Insa products may help you achieve your professional goals. 

  • Energy Chews – These chews, made with Raspberry puree are micro-dosed with 2.5mg of THC and 40mg of caffeine each (that’s about half a cup of coffee). 
  • Citrus Haze & Tropical Express Tinctures – These tinctures are formulated with Sativa terpenes to give the user a bit of a boost! 
  • Super Lemon Haze Vaporizers – One of the most energizing varieties of vaporizers available, this vape is made with cannabis-derived terpenes for a true-to-flower experience. 


Or maybe you want to finally watch that movie or binge-watch a show that everyone keeps talking about! Here are some Insa favorites for getting lost in a good story. 

  • Double Caramel Sea Salt Bar – This chocolate bar has won a Cannabis Cup and is a decadent way to ingest THC. 
  • Kush Mints, Lemon Tree, Gushers, Peach Pebblez – All of these strains are typically high in Pinene, a terpene that has been reported to help focus the user. 


Want more inspiration? This is what Insa team members are planning on doing with their extra time. 

“I’ll be using my extra time to work on my solid black 1000-piece puzzle that I’ve been trying to finish for over a year, with the help of some Biscotti Super Fire and Purple Punch wax- a combination I’ve named Grapes of Wrath.” – Olivia Morales, Retail Team Lead 

“Sleeping with the help of Zlife vaporizer.” – Sara Simonoko, Customer Service Associate 

“Playing music at the Marigold Theater and then a heavy Indica like OGKB afterward to unwind.” – Michael Bodman, Laboratory Team Lead 

“Might have to get a little extra Halo time in with my good buddy Mac 1 wax, definitely a great video game strain!” – Drew Cronin, Retail Assistant Manager 

“Since we’re getting an extra hour of sleep, I won’t need an Indica, so I’d probably go with a Sativa to keep the night going. The Ecto Cooler Live Budder always keeps me awake.” – Jose Garcia, Extraction Technician 

“Stoked to have extra time to put towards art projects. I tend to enjoy strains like Lemon Mother Pucker or Super Lemon Haze to start something new.” – Tristan Burke, Retail Assistant Manager 


How will you bring together daylight savings and cannabis?

If you have any questions on any of these products, visit an Insa location to talk more with our highly-trained associates or call 1-877-500-INSA to speak with our knowledgeable customer relations team any day from 7 am-11 pm.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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