Best Flower Strains to Get You Through Thanksgiving

Best Flower Strains to Get You Through Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here. You may be wondering how you’re going to get everything done, or if you’ll be able to sample the many dishes your loved ones have worked so hard to create. Or perhaps you’re hosting and know you will need something to help you wind down once the last guest leaves. At Insa, we’ve got great options for you no matter your holiday plans. Check out our best flower strains to get you through Thanksgiving.

Tackling the To-Do List:

If you are in a rush to scrub your home until it sparkles, all while adding marshmallows to top off your world-famous casserole, we’ve got some products that can help give you an energy boost. Choose from our Sativa flowers such as Lemon Mother Pucker, 007, or Ecto Cooler.

“Lemon Tree flower is my go-to to get anything done. Mix in some Sweets, and oooooh boy, you’ll be buzzing with happy energy. I cleaned my entire house on my day off and didn’t even realize I didn’t have music on!” – Drew Cronin, Retail Assistant Manager

MAC-1 has been my go-getter strain for the Fall this year I can get enough. The high keeps me dialed in and focused to achieve any goal! Perfect to get the grocery list done or beat my friends in some board games!” – Brandon Robert, Retail Lead

Enjoying the Day and the Big Meal:

When mingling with extended family, sometimes it can be difficult to fully relax. If you’re looking for something that will act as a social lubricant, look for a hybrid that is balanced while still promoting euphoria such as 413 Ice Pop, Sundae Driver, or Runtz. Those with less experience should opt for flower that has a mid-range of THC, somewhere in the 12-20% is usually enough to put a smile on your face without making you feel too ‘in your head.’

If you want to ensure you have room for dessert after all the turkey and stuffing, our staff has some recommendations for flower strains that act as appetite enhancers:

“Jealousy and Biscotti Super Fire together, what I call “Spicy Feelings,” is a fun combo that provides a heavy body high and boosts my appetite!” – Olivia Morales, Retail Lead

“For an appetite inducer, GG4 flower always sends me on a trip to munchie town.” – Gianna Barile, Inventory Specialist

Unwinding After

With a full stomach and a mind buzzing with happy memories, lots of people tend to reach for something relaxing to unwind. After it’s all over and your guests have gone home, an Indica flower may be your best bet. Jealousy, GMO, and Grape Gasoline are all popular to help ease the mind and body for an easy transition to dreamland. After all, you have to get your rest to be ready for the amazing deals happening on Black Friday!

“When I need to relax, my go-to is GMO. It takes any soreness I have away and calms my mind to help leave the day behind me.” – Lisa Black, Training and Education Coordinator

In Conclusion

Prepare for Thanksgiving and pick up your order starting November 22 for 30% off storewide! This deal ends November 28.

This deal is perfect for buying a wide variety of pre-rolls to try out or stocking up on your favorite flower. If you have any questions on any of our best flower strains to get you through Thanksgiving, visit an Insa location to talk more with our highly trained associates or call 1-877-500-INSA to speak with our knowledgeable customer relations team any day from 7am-11 pm.

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