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for the month of June $1 for every 100mg Tablit & Drop unit sold will go to: Springfield Pride Parade Organization & Boston Pride For The People

Bedtime is better with cannabis Insa
is better with cannabis
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Fast-Acting Plant-Based Pills

Insa Tablits outdo the average THC pill by harnessing the power of more than just cannabis flower—we’re using the whole d*mn garden. By tapping into the genius of Mother Nature, we (AKA our brilliant scientists) formulated six unique blends of cannabinoids and supercharged them with plant-derived antioxidants, amino acids, serotonin boosters, sleep encouragers, inflammation reducers, and the like.

*Selection varies by location.
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INSA infused Pre-Rolls

Experience flavor and potency like never before with Insa’s new infused pre-rolls! Our Flavor Infused Pre-Rolls are meticulously crafted with premium indoor flower, potent distillate, and flavorful terpenes, delivering an explosion of incredible flavor you can’t miss trying. For the daring connoisseur, our Crumble Infused Pre-Rolls come handcrafted with top-tier cannabis and are loaded with a double dose of high-quality concentrates!  

Available in: Flavor Infused & Crumble Infused
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Hand-Selected • Small Batch • Top Tier
Only the crème de la crème makes its way to Grower’s Reserve. Impressive colas, vibrant hues, unforgettable flavor and aroma: Even we’re blown away by just how good this bud turns out. Indulge your inner canna-connoisseur with rare finds that bring the wow factor you won’t soon forget. This flower is truly something to be savored.

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