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INSA Flower

Cannabis That Is Cultivated By Farmers And Hardworking Artisans of the Craft

Nurtured & Grown With Perfected Technique

INSA Flower

How It's Grown

Insa flower is where it all begins. It’s the source of all our products. So, as you can imagine, we obsess over it. OBSESS! (Insert flash of lightning and maniacal laughter.)

INSA Flower


Grown with quality as the first priority

The East Coast Is Rising


We are coming to conquer the land of chronic. Insa is leading the charge to bring the highest quality, most exciting cannabis to the Right Coast. All 413 cultivars are Insa exclusives strains – we are proudly born and raised in Western Mass and so are these strains! They were years in development, through a process we call pheno-hunting, in which we selectively breed multiple new strains and narrow them down to the best variations of each plant. Move over, bud. The world’s got a new cannabis capital, and it’s loving life on the Atlantic.

We nurture the unique qualities of each plant.

Craftsmen Produced

We nurture the unique qualities of each plant so that you can experience the purest, and cleanest expression of each strain’s aromas, flavors, and effects. Our head grower blends technology with meticulousness and mindful growing techniques to produce over 27 signature cultivars and counting, all in our grow facilities. We are continually adjusting nutrient levels, the positioning of lighting, and just about every little detail you can imagine. Our ambition is to make Insa’s flower the benchmark to judge all others, and we work our ass off to achieve that ambition day in and day out. When selecting flower, you’ll want to pay attention to the type of strain — indica, sativa, or hybrid. Our name, Insa, is a blend of the words Indica and Sativa. There are many ways to enjoy flower. It is a beautiful, easy, and unadulterated way to enjoy cannabis.