What Is Kief and How Do You Use It?

What Is Kief and How Do You Use It?
Up to 4x the THC of flower

More Potent Than Flower

Kief is the perfect stepping stone from flower to concentrate products. It is familiar to most cannabis users, and it can be used seamlessly with flower. 

What is kief?

Kief is a natural fuzzy coating of the bud that’s sifted and collected from the trichome heads. Trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are created in the highest concentration. If you have ever seen a ‘frosty’ bud, the frost is the trichomes!

What makes Insa’s kief so great?

While others offer blends of kief, Insa is one of a few places that offer cultivar-specific kief so that you can get precise effects and flavors from this versatile concentrate.

How do you use kief?


  • In a bowl: Either on top, sandwiched between layers, or dusted evenly throughout; there is no wrong way to do it.
  • Inside a joint: Kief can be dusted through the flower beforehand, but it may be easier to sprinkle it in right before the rollup.
  • Roll joint tip in kief: Coat the outside of a joint with oil and kief.


  • Pucks: Customers can create a version of hash by pressing the kief. The resulting product is very close to hash, though a little easier to work with.
  • Rosin: Pressing the kief with heat and pressure creates Rosin, a ‘dabbable’ concentrate. Doing this properly requires specialized equipment, however, there are many DYI instructions online to create a small Rosin press.
  • Moonrocks: Buds are coated in concentrate oil such as distillate and then dusted with kief.

What are the benefits of using kief?

Kief’s higher potency is great for experienced cannabis users. Instead of having to smoke an entire bowl, if the user sprinkles kief on top, one draw may be enough to get the effects they want.

Not only is kief higher in THC than flower, but the terpene content is as well, leading to a very flavorful product.

Kief can be used to tailor the experience by taste and effect. Say you love Super Lemon Haze flower but want something a little more relaxing. You can add a heavy Indica kief, such as GMO, to balance out the energizing qualities. In short, users can create their own hybrids!

How strong is kief?

Kief can be up to 4x the THC of flower. Due to this, it’s not recommended for those who are brand new to cannabis, however, it is an extra special treat for those with experience with flower products.

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to try something new, kief is the perfect step into concentrates. It’s more potent than flower, but less intimidating than some of our other concentrates.

To learn more about kief, stop into one of our dispensaries and chat with a friendly, knowledgeable associate, call 1-877-500-INSA to get answers from one of our highly trained representatives, or visit our website.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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