A beautiful woman smoking an INSA cannabis joint in a bathtub

Holiday shopping is hard. Stores are packed and shelves are picked clean. Shopping for other people and finding a gift they really want isn’t easy. What size shoe is your sibling? Does your partner already own that book? Does your aunt like video games? Every year, it seems like there are more people to shop […]


Insa Flower being held by a woman

HIGHER EDUCATION. No, you’re not having one of those weird dreams where you’re back in school and you’re taking a test you didn’t study for (also you’re in your underwear for some reason). However, your friends here at Insa understand that cannabis may appear to have a high barrier of entry (pun intended). Between different strains, different […]


HOLIDAY FLAVORS FOR A WINTER WONDERLAND. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we aren’t talking about trees that make a mess in your living room, or lights that blow your power out, or even wool sweaters received from distant relatives. For us, the most wonderful time of year is when we get […]


Insa High Times Cannabis Cup Award Winners

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN: INSA NAMED MOST-AWARDED BRAND IN HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE’S FIRST-EVER MASSACHUSETTS CANNABIS CUP.   Since its founding in 2013, Insa has taken a handcrafted approach to its cannabis cultivation and product innovation. Now, we are proud to announce that cannabis consumers across Massachusetts selected Insa as the most awarded brand in High Times […]


ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY GROWTH How we roll to support our people. LOCAL TIES From our founders’ origins to the way we set up our stores, everything we do at Insa is developed with the local community in mind. We’re constantly working to educate, support, and engage our team to create a better future not just for us here […]


A Couple smoking Insa Cannabis

THIS IS INSA CANNABIS FOR REAL LIFE A brief post on our mission MAKING DAYS BETTER Great moments start with simple questions: “Who wants another round?” “Do you want the other half of this sandwich?” “Do you think we could fit a jetski in this pool?” Insa began with a simple, albeit powerful, question: How can we help […]

Best Buds

Pat and Pete from Insa

FOUNDERS AND BEST BUDS The story of how we got here. ICONIC DUO Massachusetts is known for its iconic duos: Affleck and Damon, Brady and Belichick (sigh), Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Dunks’ coffee and a chocolate frosted. There must be something in that dirty water that helps create homegrown pairs that are meant to shake things up. […]