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No, you’re not having one of those weird dreams where you’re back in school and you’re taking a test you didn’t study for (also you’re in your underwear for some reason). However, your friends here at Insa understand that cannabis may appear to have a high barrier of entry (pun intended). Between different strains, different consumption methods, and different reasons to consume it, there’s a lot to consider. Cannabis has been reported to help people relax and alleviate stress, that can’t happen if purchasing it is a stressful process. So, if you’re just embarking on your cannabis journey, or need a refresher on the basics, consider this a good starting point.

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As complicated as cannabis may appear, it boils down to one thing: strain. The two main strains of cannabis are known as Indica and Sativa. Which strain you choose typically contributes to the effects you’re meant to feel. So, it’s important to know what you want from your cannabis experience before purchasing. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Indicas are known to create more of a relaxing high. It is reported to act as a pain reliever and sleep aid. It also is known to stimulate appetite (great for those who love eating Dagwood-sized sandwiches). Because of these properties, Indica strains are generally popular for for nighttime use.


  • Sativas are known to creates a more alert high. It is reported to provide increased energy, heightened alertness and can even promote creativity. You may not be able to reinvent the wheel overnight, but if you’re looking to start that next big project, a sativa could be for you. With these properties, sativa are often used for daytime use.


  • Hybrids are exactly that, a hybrid. It is possible to crossbreed indica and sativa plants in order to mix their effects. Looking for a strain is reported to offer pain-relief without the sleep aid? A hybrid may be for you. When shopping for cannabis, find out what the dominance of the hybrid is, so you can get a better idea of the effects it may have.


What makes these so different from one another? The different personalities of cannabis are due to their terpene content. Terpenes are essential oils that give cannabis its distinctive smell, and can have a big difference on the effects. For example, the terpene Linalool is the same stuff found in lavender, and is popular for its calming abilities. Just like that lavender lotion you put on before bed to relax! It’s no wonder it’s often found in Indicas. While everyone responds uniquely to cannabis and terpenes are no exception, users can tailor their experience by knowing what terpenes are in the product they buy. If you want to know more about the different terpenes, check them out here.


Flowers and vaporizers and edibles, oh my! When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are lots of options. Lucky for you, we specialize in almost all of them. Here we’ve laid out the three most popular ways to consume cannabis and what Insa offers for each:

  • Flowers: The MVP. This is cannabis in its natural form. At Insa, you can purchase whole buds, we have a variety of cultivars with new strains coming out all the time! Our flower comes in 3.5 gram (1/8th) cans that are sealed with nitrogen to keep the bud as fresh as the day it was packed! You can also get pre-rolls that take the work out of smoking our world-class cannabis.

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  • Vaporizers: Get your head in the clouds. Vaporizers—or vapes—give you THC and/or CBD in its most pure and potent form. After we extract the plant’s natural essence, we like to add a little something-something—natural derived botanical terpenes—that’s how we can offer vapes in a variety of award-winning and seasonal flavors.

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  • Edibles: A match made in heaven (aka our kitchen). At Insa we offer edibles in the form of chocolate bars, drops, and tinctures. Our chocolate bars combine rich European chocolate with our high-quality cannabis for a sweet treat. Our drops are lightlysugar-coated gummy delights that offer a variety of flavors and effects. And our tinctures can be added to beverages and other edibles of your preference—or directly under your tongue if you want to speed up the process.

Insa Cannabis Edible Drops


Important to note: THC and CBD take longer to take effect when ingested, so expect slower and longer effects when consuming edibles.


Remember, this is only an intro course into the wide world of cannabis. At Insa, we also offer concentrates, topicals, and more. If you have no clue what any of those are (or what they do), visit the Knowledge section of our website where we provide an in-depth look into all things cannabis. You can call our customer service number and place an order with our experts, or come pop in to one of our retail locations and talk to the professor (any of our helpful salespeople). We love educating people about cannabis. It’s one of our founding principles here at Insa.


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