Community Growth

All about Community Growth

How we roll to support our people.

Local Ties

From our foundersorigins to the way we set up our stores, everything we do at Insa is developed with the local community in mind. Were constantly working to educate, support, and engage our team to create a better future not just for us here at Insa, but anyone and everyone who turns to our products to make a good day that much better. And while we cant sell girl scout cookies (although that would be a hell of a collab) we are committed to supporting and having a positive impact on our community.

Positive Impact Plan

At Insa were big fans of the golden rule: treat others how you wanna be treated (everybody knows the golden rule, I mean we learned it in kindergarten). Our goal is to have a positive impact on those around us. That is why we are constantly partnering with local charities and organizations, public school programs, food and clothing drives, and other great people and groups dedicated to bettering our communities. And, like a really convincing magician, we couldnt do it without support. We are always incentivizing our consumers to join us and volunteer to do the same, so together we can work hard to grow these programs and help support even more people.


At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MA government asked all non-essential businesses to shut down for a two-week period. (This was back when we thought that would be the end of the pandemic. Ooo boy were we wrong.) We complied and shut our doors to customers, but we couldnt sit still. We knew the medical community was in desperate need of valuable medical resources and we had the means to help, so Insa made a hard left and began producing hand sanitizer that was in short supply.

The product was donated to local hospitals and medical centers in Massachusetts, and even though thankfully there is no longer a short supply, we hope our neighbors see Insa as an organization proud to play an active role in supporting our people in whatever way necessary.

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