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Mother’s Day is almost here! It’s a great time to celebrate all things mom and thank your mom for all the things she’s done for you. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we wanted to shine a bright light on a group of Mom’s who are pushing the boundaries of motherhood every single day: Cannamoms.

What exactly are cannamoms? Canna-moms are women who use cannabis for real life, whether for recreational or medical purposes, to improve their daily lives as individuals, and as caregivers.

Now, this may sound like a paradox to some. For decades it seemed that Mothers were the group at the forefront of anti-drug policy and advancing stigmas about cannabis. Well, these are obviously not those moms.

Cannamoms understand that motherhood is a complex and complicated job, one that requires being on top of your game constantly. These moms also know that cannabis is an excellent way to stay alert, relaxed, or free of pain so they can keep being the best moms they can be. They are fighting the stigmas associated with our industry on a daily basis, on top of everything else that they do, and deserve huge kudos for that!


No cannamom is an island. Because there are often negative connotations or stigmas associated with mothering while using cannabis, many cannamoms have banded together across the internet to build support communities, spread awareness, educate others and normalize the use of cannabis for mothers. A quick facebook search for “cannamom groups” produces hundreds of communities all across the country and across the world where cannamoms can gather to share experiences, seek advice, support each other and so much more.
One of the most popular groups “The Canna Mom Club” describes themselves as “here to keep us functioning, responsible, and stoned moms all together to help create friendships in a nonjudgmental zone!” On top of these support groups there is also a large network of cannamom influencers who put themselves front and center to show how they use cannabis every day to make their days even a little better.


Any mom can be a cannamom. All it takes is a willingness to explore cannabis use in daily life, and being a mom of course. This mother’s day, give mom something special and unique. Give her the gift of cannabis!

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