April Showers Bring Insa Flowers


It’s finally here. After a long, long winter that seemingly gets longer and longer each year, Spring is finally here. No more 4pm sunsets. No more single-digit temperatures. No more wool. Spring is all about warm weather. And with warm weather comes more flowers. If there’s one thing we know about at Insa, it’s flowers.

That’s why Insa is celebrating Spring in a big way: by releasing a new line of exclusive Spring products that will be around as long as the tree’s bloom (for those of you who aren’t botanists, that means they won’t be around long). So, let’s take a dive into what’s in store for Insa this Spring.


Insa Pot Edibles


We’re starting off spring with a brand new ingredient: cacao juice. If cacao sounds familiar, that’s because it is one of the principal ingredients in chocolate. But, this isn’t going to be one of Chef Rose’s delicious bars (don’t worry, that comes later). This time, we’re utilizing the power of cacao juice. Cacao juice is considered a superfruit by many because it’s vitamin and mineral rich and is loaded with antioxidants. That’s why we’re using it in our new Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops. Cacao juice and other citrus juices blend to combine into this mouth-watering new drop. Zesty and sweet all at once, we’re the first people in cannabis to utilize the power of this superfruit.

INSA dart pods and vapes


With the newly warming weather, comes the yearly re-introduction of one of the best treats imaginable. So simple, yet so delicious, it’s irresistible. We’re talking, of course, about peaches and cream. The quintessential warm weather treat is nearly perfect in every way. Nearly.

That’s right, we’re giving peaches and cream an upgrade, the only way we know how, by adding cannabis. This Spring, get your hands on our new Peaches and Cream Vaporizer flavor. Now, you can carry your favorite keen treat around in your pocket.

INSA Coffee themed Marijuana Edibles


Espresso, cold brew, drip, filtered, black, pressed, strained, poured over, or instant, you’ve had coffee in every which way. Almost.

Insa is excited to team up with award-winning local brand Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters to bring you the exclusive Coffee and Donuts Chocolate Bar. We took a blend of Shelburne Falls Espresso and Columbian coffee roasts and incorporated natural dough flavors, and a cinnamon sugar dusting. And, of course, what would an Insa chocolate bar be without all of this deliciousness being infused with the highest quality cannabis around.

Don’t wait around! These seasonals are seasonal after all (obviously). Meaning they will only be available for a limited time. And after that, they’ll be gone like pollen in the wind. These exciting (and limited) seasonals can be found at Insa retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, MA, as well as other fine cannabis retailers across Massachusetts.


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