A Pre-Roll Worthy of a Drum Roll

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Industry-Standard Perfection

Our marketing department would like to tell you that Insa pre-rolls are industry-standard perfection. Our budtenders will tell you that they’re just damn good. Insa pre-rolls are machine-packed, hand-rolled, and filled with only hand-trimmed, whole-flower cultivars. Do you know what else makes a good pre-roll? Airflow. It’s not sexy, but it’s true. You don’t want to be pulling on a joint with the same force it takes to suck up a thick milkshake. The roll, the size, and the grind are everything, so you can puff, puff, and not pass out.

Insa pre-rolls are ready-to-go for immediate enjoyment and come in either regular one gram, slim half-gram, big shareable bats or a pre-packed chillum.

21_insa_Chillum 21_insa_Chillum

Let the good times roll

If there’s one thing your friends enjoy more than smoking the joint you just rolled, it’s criticizing how you rolled it. Forget that. We’ve taken the hassle out, so you get that sweet sweet joint perfection every time. Sometimes you just want to light up, and we’ve got you covered. Inhale, exhale, hell yeah.


We take the work out of rolling up our world class cannabis, so you can spend more time enjoying it. A classic for a reason, we have over 20 amazing cultivars, try them all with an Insa pre-roll!

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Infused Rocket Pre-Rolls

Prepare for liftoff with our infused pre-rolls. It’s handcrafted with our world class cannabis—no shake—and infused with our high quality concentrates. Only for the experienced, this double dose will send you to the moon and back!

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These Multi Hitters offer the convenience of a pre-roll, but with bigger, more potent rips that burn perfectly every time. Made with pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass in America and packed by the Insa team with .3 grams of some of our signature strains.

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A little treat for the tongue. These alcohol-based blends of distillate and MCT oil offer another way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Drop this sublingual edible under your tongue for fast absorption or slow it down by ingesting by adding it to food. Our flavored tinctures feature only the taste of the natural terpenes themselves (that’s how pure these are).


Insa Drops are sugar-coated gummies that will sweeten any moment. Made with real fruit puree, each drop is bursting with a fabulous fruity flavor. They have clean effects too. We have Drops to pick you up and ones to wind you down. People love Insa Drops because they are one of the most delicious, discrete, and convenient ways to enjoy the many flavors and functions of cannabis.