Celebrating Moms of Insa!

Cannabis & Motherhood:

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate a group of moms who are fighting the stigmas associated with our industry: Moms of Insa! These moms know that cannabis can be an excellent way to stay alert, relaxed, or free of pain so everyone can keep being the best moms they can be. 

Meet Ashley!

I’m a proud mom working my dream job in the cannabis industry! I get to apply my compassion for helping others by assisting customers and patients choose the right products for their needs and desired experiences. I also get to lead a team of talented, like-minded individuals, where we can openly share our passion for cannabis! 



Meet Priscilla!

“As you know, the cannabis industry wasn’t even an industry at one point, and it was taboo to be spoken of in the household. Being a mom and working in cannabis, I can speak freely in my home about cannabis and educate my family without feeling weird or bad. It’s a fun industry to work in, so why not share what I learn every day with the people I love? Go moms who work in this industrywe rock!” 



Meet Lauren!

Cannabis has helped me tremendously over my lifetimecalming my anxiety, soothing the pain from my migraines, and even making it possible for me to eat while undergoing chemotherapy. I am a proud mom of Insa because I want to share the positive impact this plant has had on my life and help break the stigma. 



Meet Lisa!

“I am a proud mom working at Insa—I love all the smart, kind, supportive people I get to work with, it is a true community! The enthusiasm surrounding this little plant and the benefits it offers make for a rewarding and exciting career! Helping to break down barriers and allowing people to have this option makes me feel like I am making a difference.” 



Meet Casey!

I love being able to work in the cannabis industry as a mother. My family refers to my job as the medicine garden where we make people smile with our plants. It’s amazing to see all types of people come into Insa and hear their stories on why they love cannabis! 



Meet Kendal!

“I’m not only a mom and part of the cannabis industry but I am Kendal—I feel blessed to be able to work somewhere that I am celebrated for being myself! I am proud to be part of a team of strong women that work hard to destigmatize cannabis which has helped so many people.”



Meet Melanie!

“I love working in the cannabis industry because it is a plant I really believe in! It has helped improve my life in so many ways—my mood, my ability to focus, and I feel more patient. So, being able to give other people a natural alternative is the biggest reason I love working in this industry.”

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