Insa's Ultimate Guide to Live Cannabis Concentrates


When it comes to cannabis concentrates, there’s a vast array of options available to elevate your cannabis experience. One concentrate that has gained popularity among enthusiasts is live resin. Live concentrates have quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of live concentrates, exploring its unique characteristics, extraction process, and various methods to unlock its full potential. 


Live resin is a cannabis concentrate known for its exceptional flavor and potent effects. What sets it apart from other concentrates is the use of freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis flowers instead of dried and cured plant material. This process preserves the plant’s terpene profile, resulting in a concentrate that captures the true essence of the original strain. 


Live resin extraction involves freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest to preserve the volatile terpenes. The frozen plant material is then extracted using solvents, such as butane or propane, to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The resulting extract undergoes a purging process to remove any residual solvents, resulting in a flavorful and aromatic concentrate with high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. 


Live sugar is another type of cannabis concentrate that is made using a similar process as live resin. The key difference lies in the post-extraction process, which involves manipulating the concentrate to form a crystalline structure. This manipulation is typically done through controlled temperature and humidity changes.  

Live sugar gets its name from its granulated sugar-like appearance and texture. It is usually moist, with a grainy consistency that is easy to work with. The terpene profile and potency of live sugar are similar to that of live resin, making it a flavorful and potent concentrate. 


Live batter, sometimes referred to as batter or cake batter, is yet another form of cannabis concentrate made from live resin or live sugar. The primary difference with live batter is the texture and consistency. It has a thick, creamy, and batter-like consistency, hence the name. 

Live batter is achieved through different post-processing techniques, such as whipping or agitating the concentrate. This process introduces air bubbles into the concentrate, resulting in a light and fluffy texture. 

Similar to live resin and live sugar, live batter retains the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids found in the original plant material. It is often favored by cannabis enthusiasts for its ease of use, as it can be easily scooped, dabbed, or vaporized. 

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To fully enjoy the benefits of live concentrates, here are some popular methods of consumption: 

Dabbing: Dabbing is the most common method for consuming live concentrates. Heat a dab rig until it reaches the appropriate temperature, then apply a small amount of live resin onto the heated surface, known as a nail or banger. The heat vaporizes the concentrate, producing flavorful and potent vapor that is inhaled through the rig. 

Vaping: Vaping provides a convenient and portable option for consuming live resin. Load a vape pen or vaporizer with a concentrate chamber suitable for live resin, set it to the recommended temperature, and enjoy the smooth vapor produced. This method allows for precise dosage control and discretion. 

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or new to live resin vaping, our wide range of Insa Live Resin Vapes (LRV) are sure to meet your needs. Our LRVs are known for exceptional quality and attention to detail. At Insa we are committed to using only the finest, carefully selected cannabis strains to ensure that every product is filled with rich flavors and potent effects. 

Infusing Edibles: Live resin can also be used to infuse homemade edibles. Prior to adding live concentrates (resin, sugar, batter) to your preferred recipe, it is necessary to engage in decarboxylation. Decarboxylation refers to the activation of THC in cannabis through the application of heat. Begin by preheating your oven to 250°F and evenly distributing the cannabis on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Allow it to bake for around 20 to 40 minutes to activate the THC. This procedure is crucial in achieving the desired effects of your edibles. When sampling your edibles, start with a minuscule portion for testing purposes.  

Consider adding a small amount of live resin to your favorite baked goods, sauces, or beverages to infuse them with potent cannabinoids and vibrant flavors. Incorporate a touch of cannabis-infused creativity into your culinary adventures with live resin, whether you choose to grab a “Lemon Mother Pucker” Live Batter to infuse your lemon curd, bake a batch of “Kush Mints” thin-mint cookies, or even create a delightful “Wedding-Cup-Cake.” 

Enhancing Flower: Take your smoking experience to new heights by adding a small dab of live resin to your cannabis flower before rolling a joint or packing a bowl. This technique, known as “twaxing,” boosts the potency and introduces a burst of terpene-rich flavor to your session. 

DIY Cannabis Products: Get creative by using live resin to make your own cannabis-infused products. You can incorporate it into topicals, tinctures, or even create your own custom cannabis oil cartridges, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of live resin in various ways. 


When using live resin, it’s important to handle it with care and ensure proper storage. Keep it in a cool, dark place to maintain its freshness and potency. Always start with a low dosage, as live resin is highly concentrated and can deliver potent effects. We frequently use the analogy of half a grain of rice to illustrate the appropriate dab size. While you can always apply another dab, you cannot reverse the effects of a previous one! 


Live concentrates offer cannabis enthusiasts a unique and flavorful experience, capturing the true essence of the cannabis plant. Whether you prefer dabbing, vaping, infusing edibles, or enhancing your flower, live resin provides a versatile and potent option for consumption. With its vibrant flavors and potent effects, live resin allows you to explore the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer. Remember to experiment with different strains, practice responsible usage, and savor the fresh and captivating journey that live resin brings to your cannabis exploration. 


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