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  • Earn points on all purchases
  • Use rewards earned on any purchase
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  • Members who are subscribed to our email, SMS and Push notifications get access to special bonus point offers and exclusive promotions to earn rewards even faster

Terms and Conditions:

Earn and redeem loyalty points on product, accessory and merchandise purchases. Loyalty points cannot be earned on taxes, delivery fees, or shipping. Points have a one year expiration date – this one year expiration date restarts after each purchase a loyalty member makes. Points are rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

Insa Rewards:

Earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar spent in an Insa store on products, merchandise and accessories. Start Redeeming!
  • 125 points = $10 Insa Reward
  • 250 points = $20 Insa Reward
  • 400 points = $40 Insa Reward
  • 500 points = $60 Insa Reward
  • 800 points = $100 Insa Reward
Insa_ContentBlock1_DoughLato_Flower_520x660 Insa_ContentBlock1_DoughLato_Flower_520x660

Everyday Member Perks:

  • New Customer Discount: 2 $50 off coupons. Max one per visit on purchases of $100 or more.
  • Card Renewal: 2 $50 off coupons. Max one per visit on purchases $100 or more.
  • Veterans: 20% off Insa Products
  • Disabled Veterans: 40% off Insa Products
  • Senior Mornings: 55+ customers receive 15% off purchases Monday – Friday each morning until noon.
  • Pediatric Discount: 30% off orders for patients under 18 (discount applies to caregivers purchasing order)
  • Industry Discounts: Industry professionals receive 20% off Insa products (only Insa products, must show badge as proof of employment). This is not stackable with veteran, senior, compassion, pediatric, or employee discounts)
  • Compassion Discount: 10% off
  • Refer-a-Friend: Refer a friend to Insa and when they enroll in our loyalty program and make a purchase, you both receive $25 Insa Rewards.
  • Insa Employees: receive 50% off all Insa purchases and 30% off all wholesale purchases. This discount is not stackable with any other discounts like veteran or senior discounts. Employees earn loyalty points and use their rewards on merchandise and accessory purchases with their employee discount.

MyInsa FAQs

How do I sign up?

Customers can sign up for our loyalty program on our website, can be found digitally in our stores, or a budtender can help.

How can I use Everyday Member Perks?

These everyday perks can be used on specials, bundles and other promotions.

How can I use my Insa Rewards?

Insa Rewards can be redeemed on all full price purchases, bundles and promotional. (purchases will need to be $ .01 over reward value. No money back on Insa rewards. Insa Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards. Loyalty points cannot be earned on purchases where a gift card is used as the payment method.

How can I review my point balance?

Point balances can be viewed by the customer by accessing their digital wallet or our Insa app found in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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Becoming a Medical Patient

A big difference between being an adult use customer and a medical patient is that you no longer have to pay the 20% tax on cannabis products. However, that's not where the savings end. At Insa's medical locations, we also offer weekly sales to our medical patients, including Munchie Monday where you get 15% off Insa edibles + Wax and Batter Wednesday! Buy one gram of wax or batter, get one 50% off every Wednesday. We even offer compassion and veteran discounts to those that qualify.

Finding a Doctor

If you’re a resident of Massachusetts and you think that cannabis may be the right solution for you, the first step is to consult a doctor who specializes in certifying medical cannabis patients.

Find a Doctor Online with Leafwell

Don't want to wait for a medical card? Our friends at Leafwell will have your appointment ready in under five minutes! Certifying doctors are available from 8am–8pm

New patients & recertifications: $149
Save $15 by using the discount code: INSA15

Maintaining Your MA MMJ Patient Status


Your certification can last from 15 days to 1 year. In order to continue to have access to medical cannabis, you want to make sure not to miss your expiration date. We recommend making a follow-up appointment about two months before your certification expires.


Your state registration expires annually, regardless of your certification date. You may reapply for registration on an annual basis, up to 60 days before the date your registration expires using the state’s online MMJ system. NOTE: If there is any change to the information you submitted for registration (such as name, email, address, or phone number), you must update this information within 5 business days after the date of this change.


Make sure to check the expiration date on your Patient ID card when you receive it, as it may have a different expiration date than your registration. You can renew your card before it expires using the state’s online MMJ system.


Formerly known as The Virtual Gateway, the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry Portal is a website used by the state to provide online registration for patients. You can get to the Mass CIP anytime by visiting Mass CIP