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Gear that Goes with the Goods

Lighters, cartridges, cleaning supplies, dart batteries, pipes, dab rigs, and e-pens—we’re here to help you find the right setup whether you’re looking for rolling papers or dab rigs. We offer everything you need to enjoy the full Insa experience.

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Streetwear...so hot right now. And Insa has you covered (literally in this case). Our line of Insa apparel is straight-up fire while also looking cool. Go figure that one out.
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Cannabis that is cultivated by farmers and hardworking artisans of the craft. Insa flower is where it all begins. It’s the source of all our products. So, as you can imagine, we obsess over it. OBSESS! (Insert flash of lightning and maniacal laughter.)


Insa concentrates are hands down one of the most delicious ways to enjoy the natural flavors of cannabis, period. Some of our concentrates are fresh and piney, while others taste like berries, ripe citrus, or mint. If we were uber-pretentious, we might compare our cannabis concentrates to fine wines as they both feature complex aroma bouquets and flavors. But we’re not. So we won’t.