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Not Your Average Pot-ed Plant

Insa flower is where it all begins. It’s the source of all our products. So, as you can imagine, we obsess over it. OBSESS! (Insert flash of lightning and maniacal laughter.)

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Cannabis for the Sweet Life

George Bernard Shaw once said 'There is no sincerer love than the love of food.' We couldn't agree more unless, of course, you add cannabis to the mix. Our distillates all start with the absolute best ingredients for the highest quality final product. With real fruit (yes, REAL fruit) used in all our Drops and imported European chocolate, it's a win anyway you eat it!

Drops Chocolate


A Pre-Roll Worthy of a Drum Roll

Our marketing department would like to tell you that Insa pre-rolls are industry-standard perfection. Our budtenders will tell you that they’re just damn good. Insa pre-rolls are machine-packed, hand-rolled, and filled with only hand-trimmed, whole-flower cultivars. Do you know what else makes a good pre-roll?



For the Big Hitters and Tiny Tappers

When it comes to our vaporizers, it’s all about getting as close to pure THC and CBD as possible. We use a clean, alcohol-based extraction method that gives us the strongest product base (85-90 TAC). Once we extract the essence of the plant, we add natural terpenes to create flavor and effects.



The Heart of the Flower

Insa concentrates are hands down one of the most delicious ways to enjoy the natural flavors of cannabis, period. Some of our concentrates are fresh and piney, while others taste like berries, ripe citrus, or mint. If we were uber-pretentious, we might compare our cannabis concentrates to...




If that unusual headline didn’t turn you off, then Insa tinctures might be for you.


Insa topicals are a great way to get the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis without getting high.

new – Pumpkin Pie

Immerse your tastebuds in the indulgent flavors of fall with this limited-edition Pumpkin Pie Caramel Crumble chocolate bar! A delicious blend of golden caramel chocolate, pumpkin spice sugar and natural pumpkin pie flavors, we guarantee you’ll “fall” in love with...


But wait, there s’more… Crushed graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and creamy milk chocolate will transport your taste buds to summer nights around the campfire with our newest seasonal edible creation. With 5mg per piece and 20 pieces per bar, this...

Big Bar

Is bigger really better? When it comes to our chocolate bars, we think the answer is clear—yes! That’s why we took our award-winning Double Caramel Sea Salt Bar and super-sized the !*&% out of it to make the biggest bar...

Piña Colada

If you like Piña Coladas... Life’s a beach with our new and deliciously sweet Piña Colada Drops! Bursting with tropical pineapple, sweet coconut and 5mg of THC, these summer-themed Drops will transport your mind and body on a relaxing beach...

Coffee & Donuts

Our delightfully smooth milk chocolate is blended with Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters' espresso and Colombian roasts. We took it to the next level by adding natural donut flavors, a finishing sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, and 5mg of THC per piece....

Superfruit Tropical Citrus

Our limited edition Superfruit Tropical Citrus Drops are a mouthwatering blend of exotic Cacao Fruit and natural citrus juices that deliver a slightly sour and deliciously zesty edible infused with 5mg THC per piece. Cacao Fruit is derived from the...

Ice Cream Bean

Ice Cream Bean is a delicious dessert cultivar made by crossing Blue Sherbert with Og Eddy Lepp. Being an evenly balanced hybrid, Ice Cream Bean is reported to produce a euphoric, mood-boosting high with a side of the giggles. "This is...

Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie is a delicious cross between Tropicanna Cookies and Sunset Sherbert Bx. This strain is a slight indica leaning hybrid with a fruity cream flavor with hints of gassy sherbert—a true taste of paridise. "This is a rare strain—Insa...


Sweets is a mouth-watering sativa leaning cultivar made by crossing Guava Gelato and Karma Sour Diesel. With its dense, sugar-coated buds this strain is more than just eye-candy—it's sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. "This is a rare...


Gushers is a delicious cross between Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. This strain is a balanced hybrid with an explosive fruity flavor. Gushers is reported to provide a euphoric yet relaxing high. "This is a rare strain—Insa may be the only...
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