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The People's Choice Phenohunt

‘We are proudly born and raised in Western Mass and so are these new strains! After years of testing and development, through a process called phenohunting, we selectively bred multiple new strains and narrowed them down to the best variations of each plant. This is all to make sure the product we are putting out there is the best of the best—and we are so excited to share them with our people in the 413 and beyond!’

–Frank Golfieri, Director of Cultivation

Think it sounds cool? It’s even cooler.

What is a Phenohunt?

It may sound like it’d make a great title for a sci-fi film, but “phenohunting” is actually the process of cultivating for specific genetics to breed better plants. As luck has it, our Director of Cultivation, Frank, is the Ernest Hemingway of pheno-hunting, and wants your help to decide which phenotype will be crowned the winner and made available to everyone!

Get your kit

The 413 Phenohunt Kit will be available on August 13th for $160. Each includes three 3.5 gram cans of 413 Concord Grape—a never-before-smoked Insa exclusive strain! You also receive a custom Right Coast Revolution t-shirt and an Insa-branded crossbody bag. “All 413 cultivars are Insa exclusives—we are proudly born and raised in Western Mass and so are these strains!”

–Frank Golfieri, Director of Cultivation

Very limited quantity, so order your 413 Phenohunt Kit and join the Insa team today!

413 Concord



We love our grapes here in Massachusetts (home of the Concord grape) and we know you love grapes cultivars! 413 Concord Grape is a beautiful hybrid cross of our Grape Gasoline and Runtz. You can expect Insta-worthy buds drenched in terpenes with intense notes of grape, bubblegum, and gas. This special cultivar is reported to leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed—we highly recommend!
  • 413 Concord Grape #1—TAC 29.6–30.0%, THC 29.3–29.6%
  • 413 Concord Grape #5—TAC 25.8–30.1%, THC 25.6–29.8%
  • 413 Concord Grape #6—TAC 30.5%, THC 29.8%

Limited Edition

Right Coast
Revolution T-Shirt

Show your Right Coast Pride—the East is Beast!!

& an Exclusive

Insa X Puma

Crossbody Bag

To store all your goodies and hunting gear!

How to Phenohunt

1. Prepare your hunting gear: Grab your 413 Phenohunt Kit and your favorite cannabis accessory and let’s go on an adventure.

2. Study your subject: As a professional pheno-hunter take notes of each phenotype’s subtle differences—in aroma, flavors, aesthetics and effects.

3. Scan and vote: Grab your phone and scan the QR code on any of the cans. Complete our short survey by the due date and let our Director of Cultivation, Frank, know which are the prized flowers!

4. Tune in to your radio: Be on the lookout for when we announce the Phenohunt winner. And sign up for our email and text lists to be the first ones notified about our latest phenohunts and more!

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