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The People’s Choice Phenohunt


Join the hunt!

This is our second Massachusetts release in a new and innovative format, but Head Grower Frank Golfieri has more in the works. “While our customers have always been our focus, we’re now taking that to the next level by inviting them to be a part of our phenohunting team—Insa is one of the only cultivators offering this variety of high-quality strains on the Right Coast. We want our customers to join our cannabis revolution and work with us to make even more high-quality cannabis widely available.”


What is a Phenohunt?

Think it sounds cool? It’s even cooler.

It may sound like it’d make a great title for a sci-fi film, but “phenohunting” is actually the process of cultivating for specific genetics to breed better plants. As luck has it, our Head Grower Frank is the Ernest Hemingway of pheno-hunting, and wants your help to decide which phenotype will be crowned the winner and made available to everyone!

Get your Kit

  • A limited-edition Insa crossbody bag
  • Four 3.5g cans of Insa premium flower
  • Two phenos each of two new strains!
  • Choose which phenotypes will be made available to all!

    The Phenohunting Kit will be available starting on March 2nd at 8am, and retail for $160. Each kit is valued at over $260 and will have a total of four 3.5 gram cans, two for each strain - Grape Cream Cake and Tropical Smoothie. “Both flowers are rare strains, and Insa may be the only one to have it on the right coast,” shared Frank Golfieri, Insa’s Head Grower. Quantity is limited, so if you want to be part of the Insa team, don’t wait!
  • Grape Cream Cake

    “It's Grrrrrrape!”

    Grape Cream Cake is an indica dominant strain created by crossing Ice Cream Cake x Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher. This delicious cultivar has grape and fruity flavors—great for anybody who loves dessert cultivars. Known for its calming effects that can leave you laughing.
  • Grape Cream Cake #4—TAC 38.2%, THC 36.6%
  • Grape Cream Cake #6—TAC 34.9%, THC 32.9%
  • Tropical Smoothie

    'A Taste of Paradise'

    Tropical Smoothie is a delicious cross between Tropicanna Cookies and Sunset Sherbert Bx. This strain is a slight indica leaning hybrid with a fruity cream flavor with hints of gassy sherbert—a true taste of paridise.
  • Tropical Smoothie #2—TAC 26.6%, THC 24.1%
  • Tropical Smoothie #5— TAC 29.5%, THC 27.7%
  • & an exclusive
    insa x puma

    Crossbody Bag

    To store all your goodies and hunting gear!

    How it Works

    Customers will receive 2 different phenos of each cultivar for a total of four 3.5g cans. This pack is an excellent value! Once they have decided which pheno of the two they prefer from each cultivar, they will use their phone to scan the QR code on the winning can. In order to prevent duplicate votes, they will then be asked to register their email.


  • Take your time trying the different phenos—enjoy and write down notes for each strains pheno type.
  • Each Phenohunting kit comes with a ‘How to’ information sheet that includes a section for note taking.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a favorite: Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Effects.
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