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Our expertise's always growing



It’s hard work, and it’s hardly work
Growing cannabis is where our heart’s at, but it takes our whole brains, too. We’re not just fanatical about what we do; we’re leading the field, combining a passion for the best possible products with cutting edge science and innovation.

Step 1


Who says you can’t pick your family?

Picking “mothers” is one part art and one part science. We choose ours based on their phenotype, which is a fancy way of saying we’re shallow. We pick the best looking, best smelling specimens of our cultivars, and then we test them to make sure their genetics are as good as they look. These mothers form the backbone of our production. Mother plants help to guarantee genetic consistency from one generation to the next. That means whether you buy your Wedding Cake today or weeks, months, or even years from now, you know exactly what to expect.

Step 2


The world’s most relaxing nursery

The clone room is where we breed consistency. Literally. This is where we propagate hundreds (yes, hundreds) of clippings from our mother plants to create the supply for each of our products. Our mother plants are never allowed to flower, but these little babies do, creating perfect replicas of the perfect genetics of the most perfect of our mother plants. (Are we passionate about this? Hell yeah.) If you can hear it in our voice, you can be sure you’ll experience it with our products.

Step 3


Where flower goes to flourish

The bloom room is exactly what it sounds like: the place our plants go to grow. Here, we encourage the plants to flower so that they can be harvested for curing. How? With an environment that’s totally conducive to growth, including exactly the right diet and exactly the right light for exactly the right amount of time. It’s basically an all-you-should-eat buffet and an endless late-summer, only all year long.

Step 4


Low and slow is how it’s done

Once the cannabis has grown to perfection (yeah, we said it again), it’s ready to be hand trimmed, dried, and prepared for use. Our curing room is where it happens. The environment is carefully controlled to help us remove as much moisture as possible from the product without degrading or destroying the terpene profiles that make our cannabis so flavorful and effective.


Think it sounds cool? It’s even cooler.
It may sound like it’d make a great title for a sci-fi film (and yeah, we’re sure the cast would be amazing), but “pheno-hunting” is actually the process of cultivating for specific genetics to breed better plants. As luck has it, Frank and Kevin are the Ernest Hemingways of pheno-hunting, working tirelessly to create innovative new strains and experiences. Expect to see something exciting every time you stop by.


#4Sunshine Daydream

#5Sunshine Daydream

#6Sunshine Daydream

#8Sunshine Daydream


#4Sunshine Daydream

#6Sunshine Daydream

#8Sunshine Daydream


#4Sunshine Daydream


The faces behind the flowers
Frank and Kevin are our head growers in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania (respectively), and they’re damn good at it. Together, they’re committed to advancing cannabis for everyone, creating new strains and opportunities for more people to enjoy everything cannabis has to offer. Their combined expertise as growers, innovators, and flower fanatics has helped to make Insa a go-to for the most exciting cultivars on the scene—and our best are yet to come.