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Cannabis for the Sweet Life

Chocolatier & cultivator collaboration

World Class


Insa gourmet chocolates start with rich European chocolate for its high shine and a nice snap. Our culinary process removes the cannabis odor, so you get to taste all that pure chocolatey deliciousness. It can take only twenty minutes to infuse cannabis distillate into a delectable chocolate morsel, but we take 24-hours. The result is the most even, consistent, and delicious chocolate edible you will find. To be frank, it is the finest chocolate edible we think you’ll ever enjoy. What a difference a day makes.

More than just a

Yummy Gummy

Where flavor meets function Insa Drops are sugar-coated gummies that will sweeten any moment. Made with real fruit puree, each drop is bursting with a fabulous fruity flavor. They have clean effects too. We have Drops to pick you up and ones to wind you down. People love Insa Drops because they are one of the most delicious, discrete, and convenient ways to enjoy the many flavors and functions of cannabis.


Cannabis for the Sweet Life