Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis Cultivars: A Guide to Phenohunting

Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis Cultivars: A Guide to Phenohunting

Insa proudly invites its patients on a thrilling journey into the world of pheno-hunting with this comprehensive guide to phenohunting. Presenting an exclusive opportunity for FL MMJ patients to become pheno-hunters, offering valuable input into the research and development process of cannabis cultivation.

What is Phenohunting? 

Pheno-hunting is a process where growers observe the best traits of different plants of the same strain and carefully select the top phenotypes to cultivate. This is a long and arduous process, but one that allows Insa to perfect and curate every aspect of the flower that becomes available to patients. But what happens when you have more than one outstanding plant? Well, Insa is inviting consumers to be a part of the process.  

We’ve selectively bred multiple new strains and narrowed them down to the best variations of each plant. We’re inviting patients to join the Insa team and help decide which ones will be grown on a larger scale. The first cultivars to be sold as a part of this program, Truffle C and Grape CC, will become available starting December 15th. 

New Releases 

Truffle C – Available Phenotypes: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 

Truffle C, a cross of White Truffle x Pancake, beckons with a flavor profile bursting with sweet fruity tones, subtly accented with hints of vanilla and dough. Its enticing aroma, a fusion of citrus and bakery air, sets the stage for uplifting and soothing sensations. Ideal for those seeking relaxation while maintaining an upbeat and social demeanor.  

Grape CC – Available Phenotypes: #1, #4 

Grape CC, an indica dominant masterpiece born from the union of Ice Cream Cake x Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher, offers a delectable blend of grape and fruity flavors. This cultivar unfolds with an initial wave of blissful energy, seamlessly transitioning into deep relaxation. Perfect for unwinding before a restful night’s sleep. 

A Guide to Phenohunting: How It Works 

Those who wish to participate in the phenohunt process can visit any Insa retail store or to purchase Truffle C and Grape CC.  

  1. Prepare Your Gear: 

   Each flower can is meticulously labeled with the strains’ corresponding phenotypes—your roadmap to the cannabis treasure trove. Losing track is not an option; attention to detail is key. 

  1. Begin the Hunt—and Consume Responsibly:

   As you embark on your phenohunting journey, pay close attention to the aroma, taste, and overall effects of each phenotype. 

  1. Feedback Matters:

   Your role as a professional Pheno-Hunter doesn’t end with the hunt. Your valuable feedback on the phenotypes you encounter will be meticulously reviewed by our cultivation team. This collaborative process ensures that only the crème de la crème makes it to the final selection. 

  1. Grab Your Phone and Share Your Feedback:

   Technology plays a vital role in modern phenohunting. Scan the QR code provided on your pheno guide to access our feedback form. Select the phenotype that corresponds to your flower can and share your insights. Your input shapes the future cultivation endeavors. 

In the words of Insa head grower Frank Golfieri, “While our customers have always been our focus, we’re now taking that to the next level by inviting them to be a part of our pheno-hunting team. Insa is one of the only cultivators offering this variety of high-quality strains on the East Coast. We want our customers to join us to make even more high-quality cannabis widely available.” 

As we wrap up this dive into phenohunting, Insa is leading the way in a more patient-focused cannabis cultivation. The road ahead is all about teaming up, trying new things, and cruising together towards uncovering top-notch cannabis strains. Join Insa for this revolution and help shape the future of cannabis. Happy hunting!