Sign up for delivery is quick and easy!

View our delivery menu to start.

At checkout, upload a valid government-issued ID, choose delivery, and select a time slot for your delivery.

All orders will be packaged at our local Salem store and delivered via courier to your doorstep.

Don't live in one of the areas above, check back as we expand our delivery services

Easy right? Just remember there is a $30 minimum for delivery service so don’t be shy.

TLDR!! We get it, give us a call at 877-500-INSA and we can guide you through the process.

Still have questions?
Here’s a list of questions we get a lot.
Who can place an adult use delivery order?

Anyone who is 21+ years of age, has been pre-verified and lives in our approved delivery locations.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we have delivery set for Salem, the North Shore, and Boston areas. The following are the zip codes we deliver to but keep checking as we are expanding our delivery services as fast as we can!

Zip codes: 01901, 01902, 01903, 01904, 01905, 01907, 01910, 01915, 01944, 01945, 01970, 01971, 02114, 02138, 02139, 02140, 02141, 02142, 02143, 02144, 02145, 02148, 02152, 02153, 02155, 02163, 02176, 02238

Who can accept an adult use delivery order?

Only the ordering customer can accept a delivery order. The delivery driver will validate that the customer’s ID matches the order.

How do I order adult use delivery?

You may place a delivery order directly through by selecting the delivery option and then ensuring that you are pre-verified. If you are already pre-verified, you may also place a delivery order by calling our Consumer Relations team at 877-500-INSA (4672).

When is the earliest I can place a delivery order?

Order by 11am for delivery 12pm-2pm (or after). Order by 1pm for delivery 2pm-4pm (or after). Order by 3pm for delivery 4pm-6pm (or after). Order by 5pm for delivery 6pm-8pm. Order after 11pm for next day delivery.

What is Customer Pre-Verification?

A customer’s identification must be pre-verified and certain information (name, date of birth, address, phone number and email address) must be collected prior to an initial delivery.

How is my ID verified?

In the Checkout page, you will upload a file of your ID, or you can add a photo directly to the order. If you create an account, your ID will be saved for future purchases.

How will I know if there are issues with my pre-verification?

Our Consumer Relations team will contact you if there are any issues with pre-verification and ask that you resubmit the order and re-upload a valid ID.

What’s the minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount required for delivery is $30.

How do I know when to expect a delivery?

Delivery customers will have a range of time slots to choose from when finalizing their order. On the day of your delivery, we will notify you via a series of texts and emails to provide near, real time updates on the status of your delivery.

How do I pay for delivery?

With a valid debit card.

What fees are involved in delivery?

Delivery is free!

Can I modify a delivery order after it’s placed?

Unfortunately, a delivery order cannot be modified once the order is on the delivery truck. You may contact our Consumer Relations team at 877-500-INSA (4672) to have the order cancelled and then you re-place the order beginning at 11pm for next day delivery.

How do I reschedule my delivery?

You can contact our Consumer Relations team at 877-500-INSA (4672) to have the order cancelled and then you re-place the order beginning at 11pm for next day delivery.

What happens if I am unavailable to accept my delivery?

Your delivery will be cancelled, and you will need to submit a new delivery order for a future date.

Where can you not deliver?

We cannot deliver to federal HUD housing, college/university housing, non-residential locations and cities/towns banned by local municipalities.

What happens if my government ID address and delivery address don’t match?

Delivery address and government ID address do not need to match to receive a delivery. We can deliver to any residential address within our delivery radius as long as you have a valid government issued ID. This includes delivery to out of state residents.

How discreet is cannabis delivery?

We respect your privacy by delivering in discreet packaging and unmarked vehicles.

What if I have issues with my delivery order?

Please contact our Consumer Relations team at 877-500-INSA (4672) immediately and they will be more than happy to assist with any issues you experience with your delivery order.

Why is delivery not available in my North Shore town?

Some towns like Peabody, Saugus, and Nahant do not permit cannabis delivery. If you want cannabis delivery in your town too, please contact your local elected officials.

What do I need in preparation for my delivery?

To receive a delivery, you will need your valid government issued ID and a valid payment method.