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Cannabis Fun in the Summer Sun

Let’s Heat Things Up!

Insa’s Summer Seasonals Product Drop

Summer time! Long days, warm weather, BBQs and plenty of excuses to get outside. One of the best parts about summer is  the  food. Treats sold from trucks, drinks served pool-side, fresh-picked fruit and anything that is fresh off of the grill. There’s no end to the delicious flavors of summer.

Now, if you’ve been following what we do here at Insa, you’re going to like this next part. Seasonal flavors are our thing. This time, we’ve taken some of the best summer treats and magically (a.k.a. skillfully) infused them into high-quality, limited edition, cannabis products.


If you like Summer Cocktails…

You’ll probably be spending your summer by the water (we know we will). And like any proper beach-goer or wet-bar fan, you’ll want to cool off from the hot summer sun with a refreshing drink. There’s a great chance that drink is a Piña Colada (we know ours will be).

That’s why we are introducing Piña Colada Drops. Bursting with tropical pineapple, sweet coconut and 5mg of THC per piece, these summer-themed drops will transport your mind and body on a relaxing beach vacation—no passport required. It’s important to note that these drops contain no alcohol and focus more on the classic fruit flavors of the drink. The Piña Colada Drops retail for $30 a pack.


Campfire Desserts

No summer bonfire is complete without the classic dessert: s’mores. Three simple ingredients, one delicious treat. And this time, you guessed it, we’ve found a way to bring cannabis into the mix.

Introducing the S’Mores Chocolate Bar. Crushed graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and creamy milk chocolate will transport your taste buds right back to those summer nights around the campfire. This summer’s newest edible creation features 5mg of THC per piece and 20 pieces per bar. We guarantee your campfire crew will be asking for s’more! The S’Mores Chocolate Bar retails for $30 a bar.


Red, White & Blue

Summertime means the return of one of the season’s most beloved rituals: chasing down the ice cream truck. There is nothing quite like an ice cream or popsicle to cool off from the summer heat. We think  that there is one popsicle in particular that rises above the rest: The Rocket Pop.

Inspired by this classic, our team created the Rocket Pop Vaporizer. This vaporizer has all the flavors of the red, white and blue fan-favorite popsicle. Cherry, lemon and blue raspberry flavors are combined to create unique cartridges, darts, and pens. The best part, you don’t have to worry about it dripping down your arm. The all-new Rocket Pop flavor will be available in two sizes: 500mg Cartridges and Darts retailing for $55 each, and 350mg pens retailing for $40 each.

There’s no time to waste! These seasonals are going to vanish faster than your vacation days. These exciting (and limited) seasonals can be found at Insa retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, MA, as well as other fine cannabis retailers across Massachusetts.

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