Earn up to $250 in rewards!

$25 per referral

Check the video and see how easy it is to share

Sharing is Caring

Give $25, Get $25

It’s a Win/Win!

Refer-a-Friend in 4 simple steps:

  • Open ‘MyInsa App’.
  • Click on ‘Social’ in bottom tab.
  • Copy referral link. 
  • Share your link. The choice is yours, share on social, text , email, or even handwritten in a note.
Once they fill out the form and make a purchase, you will both receive a $25 credit in your MyInsa app to redeem in-store

Here are a couple of reasons why the reward may not be showing up in your app.

What does this mean? If the friend, you have referred is already part of the MyInsa Loyalty Program the reward will not trigger. We know you love our product and want to spread the word to friends who haven’t shopped with us before.

Maybe your friend has not made a purchase yet at one of our dispensaries. If this is the case, it might be time to have a friendly chat to understand the holdup. We love telling people our experience with cannabis products and how they have helped us. Maybe your friend is a little shy and doesn’t know where to begin, let them know we are here to help and let’s start getting the two of you some rewards.

No, points are given only on products you purchase. This reward will be applied to your digital wallet the same way the New Customer Discount coupons are applied to your app.

Don’t Have the app? Download, start referring and start earning today!

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