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Bringing a gift to the host of a holiday or other event shows that you appreciate them putting in the time and energy to welcome you into their home. Gift-giving is one of the oldest human traditions; there is evidence that gift-giving was a part of our culture at the start of human civilization, even apes and chimpanzees have been found to show signs of giving gifts. Researchers have found that cavemen gave presents – animal teeth or rocks of unusual shape for example – to strengthen the social connection they had with those around them. In modern times, we’ve upgraded the rocks to bottles of wine, one of the most traditional host gifts there is.

However, we think the host gift is in need of another upgrade. Instead of adding another bottle of wine to the counter, we suggest bringing an Insa edible for your host and their 21+ guests to enjoy. And, just like wine, there are almost countless varieties to choose from that are sure to make your host eager to invite you back for the next holiday.

If you know your host loves a dessert wine like a Port, we suggest bringing a tin or two of the limited-time-only Cranberry Sauce Drops. Not only are they a fun twist on the classic side dish, but they also have the perfect amount of juicy sweetness to balance out the tartness of the cranberry. Also, they are vegan, making them something almost anyone can enjoy!

cannabis cranberry sauce drops

Like the tartness of cranberries but want to give something even sweeter? Our patrons love the Sour Strawberry Drops that can bring a little ray of summertime into the chilly winter season. Both of these drops are easy to hand out since they only contain 5mg of THC each, but we do recommend that users brand new to cannabis stop at one until the effects kick in after an hour or two.

If your host is a lover of all things chocolate, we are recognized as having the best infused chocolate around. We won the 2021 Massachusetts Cannabis Cup for best chocolate for our Double Caramel Sea Salt bar, a favorite for both patrons and team members.

With Insa’s high-end, authentic chocolate, it’s hard to go wrong with any of our chocolate bars! If they want an extra special treat, bring the seasonal Gingerbread Bar, not only does it have classic gingerbread spices, but it also includes roasted hazelnuts for a decadent crunch.

gingerbread cannabis chocolate

Bring your own version of Pumpkin Pie with this delicious blend of golden caramel chocolate, pumpkin spice sugar, and natural pumpkin pie flavors, we guarantee you’ll “fall” in love with it after the first bite.

pumpkin pie chocolate cannabis

Not only are these products excellent for a host gift, but wonderful for Yankee Swaps, Secret Santas, or anyone on your present list that you want to give the gift of cannabis to! Just keep in mind that any gifts you purchase must be bought at an adult-use dispensary and given to someone 21 or over.

Visit to shop now! If you have any questions on any of these products or accessories, visit an Insa location to talk more with our highly trained associates or call 1-877-500-INSA to speak with our knowledgeable customer relations team any day from 7 am – 11 pm.