The Goods


Not Your Average Pot-ed Plant

Insa flower is where it all begins. It’s the source of all our products. So, as you can imagine, we obsess over it. OBSESS! (Insert flash of lightning and maniacal laughter.)

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Cannabis for the Sweet Life

George Bernard Shaw once said 'There is no sincerer love than the love of food.' We couldn't agree more unless, of course, you add cannabis to the mix. Our distillates all start with the absolute best ingredients for the highest quality final product. With real fruit (yes, REAL fruit) used in all our Drops and imported European chocolate, it's a win anyway you eat it!

Drops Chocolate


A Pre-Roll Worthy of a Drum Roll

Our marketing department would like to tell you that Insa pre-rolls are industry-standard perfection. Our budtenders will tell you that they’re just damn good. Insa pre-rolls are machine-packed, hand-rolled, and filled with only hand-trimmed, whole-flower cultivars. Do you know what else makes a good pre-roll?



For the Big Hitters and Tiny Tappers

When it comes to our vaporizers, it’s all about getting as close to pure THC and CBD as possible. We use a clean, alcohol-based extraction method that gives us the strongest product base (85-90 TAC). Once we extract the essence of the plant, we add natural terpenes to create flavor and effects.



The Heart of the Flower

Insa concentrates are hands down one of the most delicious ways to enjoy the natural flavors of cannabis, period. Some of our concentrates are fresh and piney, while others taste like berries, ripe citrus, or mint. If we were uber-pretentious, we might compare our cannabis concentrates to...



If that unusual headline didn’t turn you off, then Insa tinctures might be for you.


Insa topicals are a great way to get the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis without getting high.


What do you get when you cross Lemon Tree and Watermelon Zkittles? The award-winning Melonade is reported to provide an uplifting and energizing high. This sativa dominant hybrid boasts a sweet flavor profile with notes of citrus and melon, great...

OGKB 2.0

Think of OGKB 2.0 like your favorite quilt: It’s an indica dominant hybrid that is popular for offering comfort from head to toe. Powerful yet balanced, OGKB 2.0 is very flavorful and has been known to provide everything from pain...

Peach Pie

Have you ever tried to make a pie? It ain’t easy. This one is a mix of Peach Zkittlez, Grape Pie, and Wedding Crasher—a sativa dominant hybrid that is known for being a perfect mid-day smoke to free your mind...

Purple Punch

Purple Punch has a history as complex as its flavor profile. It’s a west coast cultivar from the crossing of Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG. The result? An indica dominant hybrid reported to offer an uplifting yet relaxing high, and...

Sunshine Daydream

The dreamchild of Bodhi Seeds, Sunshine Daydream crosses Appalachia and Bubbashine for an extremely potent indica dominant hybrid that smells of diesel, lemon, and the salt of the earth. Its effects are known to include relaxation, pain relief, and help...

Cherry Cheesecake

If you love cheesecake, you’ll love this infused chocolate bar. One of our pastry chefs is a cheesecake fanatic. He presented a clever blend of creamy European ivory chocolate, real graham cookie crumbs, natural cherry, and cheesecake powders…close your eyes...

Double Caramel Sea Salt

This new creation is a sure winner. We sourced special caramel white chocolate from Europe for its unique caramel color and flavor. Made with pure ivory chocolate that is caramelized during the conching process (mixing process at high heat) to...

Milk Chocolate

This delicious bar is a classic for milk chocolate lovers. Imported from France, this pure milk chocolate is simply infused and produced by hand for a rich creamy texture and a milky taste. Sometimes simple is just better. 38% CACAO

Mint Dark Chocolate

Our new pure dark chocolate bar is produced in house by our chocolatier with one of the best imported European chocolates on the market. Once infused, we sprinkle a special natural peppermint sugar crystal produced in California. The result is...

Spicy Pineapple

Spicy chipotle pepper meets sweet, sweet pineapple in our perfectly paradoxical Spicy Pineapple Drops. With natural fruit puree and a light dusting of finishing sugar, they offer a deliciously decadent edible experience. (And with 5mg of THC per piece, they...