Introducing: The Big Bar

Something Massive This Way Comes

We’ve all seen them before. Opulent, in-your-face, comically large candies and chocolate bars. There’s the 5 lb. gummy bear, the 3-ft-long gummy snake, the mountain-sized Toblerone. Wherever novelty treats are sold, there’s a ridiculously-large piece of candy to be found. We all think to ourselves: is bigger really better? When it comes to our chocolate bars, we think the answer is super clear—yes! That’s why we took our award-winning Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar and super-sized the hell out of it!

Introducing: Insa’s Big Bar – Double Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt, the biggest bar we could fit through our kitchen doors. This 100-piece bar is designed with flexibility in mind. Each piece contains only 1mg of THC, instead of our usual 5mg per piece, allowing for more flexibility in your preferred dosage. Perfect for our chocolate lovers who are always wanting more, as well as the community of people who are eager to try incorporating cannabis into their daily lives, but don’t know where to start.


How It Works  

The Big Bar is just that: big. The biggest. One hundred pieces of gourmet European chocolate infused with high-quality cannabis. While this bar is massive, its gives chocolate lovers the ultimate flexibility in how much they choose to eat. For those new to cannabis or just looking for a small amount, it takes the guessing game out of microdosing. With each piece containing only 1mg of THC, the Big Bar is designed to provide more options in your preferred dosage. So, eat a lot or a little, the choice is yours — no matter what you choose there’s going to be plenty of leftovers!

How It Tastes

The Big Bar Double Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt definitely isn’t a microdose of flavor. This bar is 100% decadent European chocolate made by Insa’s Head Chef and Chocolatier, Julian Rose. It has been our best-selling flavor since opening, and people have constantly been asking us for a way to have more.

Winner of the first place in the Edibles – Chocolate category of High Times Magazine’s Cannabis Cup, Insa’s Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar was already flawless in its regular size. The first of the namesake double caramel comes from the chocolate-making process called “caramelization.” This brings out the natural color and flavor of salted caramel. The second caramel comes when the bar is infused with sweet, salty, crunchy bits of salted caramel sugar to give the bar its crave-worthy crunch.


How To Get It

The Big Bar – Double Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt retails for $40 and can be found at our Insa retail locations in Springfield, Salem, and Easthampton, MA, and at other fine cannabis retailers across Massachusetts. It can also be conveniently delivered to select North Shore locations. Find out more right here.

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