Love is in the Air

Insa’s Valentine’s Day Treats

Every February 14th, every romantic can be seen with flowers in one hand and chocolates in the other. But, come on, you can do better. Expensive roses end up in the same trash can as the grocery-store carnations. And, however much we love chocolates, they are as predictable as the puns in the Hallmark cards.

It’s time for something new. It’s time to make way for a new Valentine’s Day you can really fall in love with. You know by now that here at Insa, we are constantly pushing the envelope. We make new things for people who are tired of old things. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, we’re introducing something so groundbreaking, so innovative, we shocked even ourselves.

This Valentine’s day, Insa is bringing you: Flowers and Chocolate.

You heard us. But did you hear the best part? Flowers and Chocolate, AND cannabis! We have an exciting line-up of pre-rolls, chocolates, drops, and pods designed to make you fall in love, at least with our high-quality products.


You can’t have Valentine’s Day without roses. However, you can have it without buying two dozen of the thorny, wilted in two days variety. The best way to give that special someone roses this year is with an Infused Rose Petal Pre-Roll. These 1g rolls are delicately wrapped in organic, fresh-picked, rose petals and packed with both Insa’s high-quality flower and kief, all hand-selected by head grower Frank Golfieri. This smooth, slow burn is a perfect way to set the mood.



Take your chocolate game to a new level this year. Russel Stover doesn’t have to know. This year, try Insa’s Red Velvet Cake Truffles. These are truly a world class treat —  decadent truffles with rich red velvet ganache coated in European chocolate. To top it all off (technically ‘to bake it all inside’) these truffles contain a 5mg serving of Insa’s premium cannabis. All created, with love, by our aptly-named Chef Julian Rose.


We’re not done with Red Velvet yet. As if our truffles aren’t enough, we’re also introducing Red Velvet Dart Pods and Cartridges. The sweet and delicious flavors have been infused into the world’s greatest vapes by the world’s greatest vape maker: Insa (of course).



Valentine’s day is a great day to pop the question. The question of course being, “Want to get high with me?” Celebrate the answer with our Pink Champagne Drops. You may remember our champagne drops from your New Year’s Eve party (if not, you missed out, but can make up for that now). For Valentine’s Day they’re getting a sweet upgrade. Flavored with pink wine and real grapes, these drops are lightly dusted with sugar to give your toasts a little extra pop.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re with someone special or celebrating another year loving yourself, Insa has all of your new favorite high-quality cannabis concoctions. Because we love you all and appreciate you being a part of our community.



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