What’s Growing On?

Gotta breed ‘em all

What We Do and Why We Do It

Everybody likes a peek behind the scenes. Everybody wants to know how the magician fits the rabbit inside their hat. Everybody loves to see what goes on backstage. Here at Insa, we don’t like keeping things close to the chest. We want you to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. So, we wanted to take you through some of the exciting growing techniques we’re using to bring you the highest-quality cannabis.


We’re hoping that it’s clear by now that something called “Ecto Cooler” doesn’t just appear in a Ghostbusters film. Growing cannabis can be a difficult job that requires a lot of planning and testing. No two cannabis plants are the same. Different variations in flavors, effects on the body, and chemical contents create the hundreds of strains that you can find around the cannabis world.

So, how does someone (like us) breed high-quality cannabis, and mix unique combinations of flower to create something entirely its own? The answer is selective breeding. If you enjoyed (or at least were awake part of the time) high school chemistry, then this may sound familiar.

Selective breeding is the process of cross breeding two living things (in this case cannabis plants) in an attempt to combine their qualities in their offspring. For us, this means cross-breeding two strains in order to make a new unique strain. Take our strain “Dough Lato” for example, it was selectively bred by combining three strains: Gelato 41, Dosido, and Moonbow. By combining all three, you get the flavors of Gelato, the THC content of Dosido, and the focusing effects of Moonbow all in one strain. Saves you from having to smoke three joints at once.

Now that we have our new strains that we’ve bred with all the right attributes, it’s time to take things up a step further. Pheno-hunting is the process of growing one strain of cannabis multiple times until you’ve grown the best possible version of that strain. Once the strain with the best qualities (like yield or bud size) is found, it is then selected to be grown on a large scale so that a seller (that’s us) knows it’s selling consistently high-quality cannabis.

Once we find the qualities we are looking for, we maintain it by cloning future plants from a “mother” plant. This way we won’t have variations from plant to plant, they will be genetically identical.


At Insa, we care about cannabis (if that wasn’t already obvious). Growing, breeding, and pheno-hunting are all labors of love. We want cannabis to be not only accessible to everyone who wants it, but we want our cannabis to be a level above. That’s what our growers focus on every day so that we can bring exceptional and expertly grown products to our fans.


Like what you read? Want to get involved? Tired of all these questions? You’re in luck! We’ve will begin selling pheno-hunting kits so our customers can be a part of our team to make decisions on what to come out with next. Each kit includes different variations of a new strain (or strains) and a link to a site where you can decide which version should be grown en masse.



The first Phenohunting Kit will be available starting on January 28th, and retail for $225. Each kit is valued at over $300 and will have a total of six 3.5 gram cans, three for each strain – Gusher and Sweets. “Both flowers are rare strains, and Insa may be the only one to have it on the right coast,” shared Frank Golfieri, Insa’s Head Grower. Availability is limited, and they tend to sell quickly. Wink wink.


Learn more about our first ever Phenohunting Kit!

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