Sun-kissed Cannabis

Insa has teamed up with High Plains Farm to bring you some of Massachusett’s best outdoor, sun-grown pre-rolls!

High Plains Farm is an independent, family-owned cannabis farm nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains.

At Insa we use biodegradable pre-roll tubes, and sustainable cultivation practices — we look for partners with the same eye for sustainability.

Freshly Picked Strains:



This fast-acting indica dominant strain is known to offer a combined sleepy & heady sensation. This Lemon with notes of citrus and pine is reported to be more psychoactive than other members of the Kush family and is popular for providing a heavy, medicated feel.


This sativa dominant, sun-kissed cultivar is reported to provide a pleasant, powerful, and long-lasting high ranging from chatty and social to psychedelic and introspective.


This sun-grown hybrid crosses SFV OG x Sundae Brunch, creating the perfect smoke for any time of day. Most users report aromas of berries, citrus, and diesel, creating a great taste and even better state of mind.


With notes of passionfruit and citrus, it is reported that this high starts with a cerebral boost of euphoria followed by a relaxing physical calm, lulling your body into a carefree state that won’t put you to sleep, but rather will have you feeling creative and at ease. 

These sun grown pre-rolls are included in our Pre-roll Bundle running from Friday January 14th until Thursday, January 20th!

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