Cannabis for Real Life

This is Insa Cannabis for Real Life

A brief post on our mission

Making Days Better

Great moments start with simple questions: Who wants another round?” “Do you want the other half of this sandwich?” “Do you think we could fit a jetski in this pool?” Insa began with a simple, albeit powerful, question: How can we help more people have better days more often? For our founders and life-long friends Pete and Pat, this question sparked an idea: to bring the best quality cannabis at a great value for anyone looking to have a better day.

Cannabis is a powerful thing. It has the ability to help people having a bad day, suffering from chronic illnesses, having trouble sleeping, looking for an energy boost, seeking pain relief or just wanting to make an average day better. Its like a close friend but you light it on fire or eat it up (greedily at times if youve tasted one of Chef Julians edibles). At Insa, we believe that everyone should have the option to choose cannabis for medical and recreational reasons, and we made it our mission to do just that: make cannabis approachable and accessible for all.

How do we do it?

Every morning, over a hot cup of coffee (we take it regular of course) our team asks the question How can we make good days even better for people?” Everyone from our growers, chemists, chefs, budtenders, and office workers, is truly on a mission to better the lives of our customers. We are passionate about people, cannabis, and making the best out of every day. Lucky for us (and you), we found a way to make it all come together under one roof.

If SchoolHouse Rock taught us anything, its that knowledge is power (that, and elementary political science for some reason). The more people know about cannabis and its uses, the quicker we can break down the barriers that surround it. Were looking to eliminate scoffs, shrugs, and judgmental stares from the cannabis conversation. We know that cannabis may not be for everyone – but it can be for anyone! We want to help people and be a part of their discovery journeys. Everyone learns about cannabis from someone. Only now instead of your best friends older brother, you have us.

At the heart of everything we do is craftsmanship. It all starts by growing our plants with care and precise expertise under the overview of our head growers, Frank Golfieri in Massachusetts, and Kevin Sparks in Pennsylvania. They know how to grow like a teenager in their sleep. But the buck doesnt stop there. It continues in our lab, where Chris Geoffrion, the Lab Manager, transforms cannabis into our concentrates and distillates. Chriss distillate then finds itself in the inventive kitchen of Chef Julian Rose (picture a cross between Willy Wonka and Wolfgang Puck), where he creates incredible chocolates, flavorful drops, and other edibles not yet dreamed of. Our craftsmanship is shown in the love our people have for what they do.


All Welcome

Our cannabis is cultivated by real people, for real people. We believe there is an Insa for everyone. Youre Cinderella and were a glass-slipper factory. There is a fit for you. We want Insa to be a space to learn, explore, and discover what makes your day better. Cannabis for you, from us to make every day better– simple as that.

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