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Founders and Best Buds

The story of how we got here.

Iconic Duo

Massachusetts is known for its iconic duos: Affleck and Damon, Brady and Belichick (sigh), Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Dunkscoffee and a chocolate frosted. There must be something in that dirty water that helps create homegrown pairs that are meant to shake things up.

Speaking of home growing, Pete and Pat are the Mass-born-and-raised duo that is behind founding Insa. They have been best buds since before they could shave (and long before they had to), growing up together in Springfield – where (not by accident) Insas flagship store is now located.

Founding Friends

Growing up down the block from one another, Pete and Pat became fast friends and always knew that they wanted to do something big together… at the right time. Unclear on what or how, after college, Pat went on to run his familys restaurant in Chicopee and Pete took a finance job in New York City.

Now, a few years in finance is enough for anybody, so in 2013, when the Pete returned to Massachusetts and the duo was once again reunited, they put all their learnings and passion into creating Insa.

They wanted to give back to the community that raised them, and help be a part of Springfields turnaround, and cannabis was exactly the way to do that. Founding Insa led them to bring good-paying jobs and the highest quality cannabis products to Springfield and beyond. They began with a simple mission: to help more people have better days, more often. Now, several years later, theyre as hands-on and impassioned as ever, working hard to make sure everybody who buys and supports Insa gets the most that they personally can from cannabis.

Cannabis for all

Pat and Pete believe that for too long, cannabis felt inaccessible and uninviting. Thats precisely what they want to change. While cannabis might not be for everybody, Insa is here for anybody, helping people learn and explore what products are best for their unique needs and lifestyle. Adding cannabis to their real life, making every day better.

Check out our video on Pete and Pat!

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